Comparatives and Superlatives

Exercise 2


For each sentence, choose the correct form of comparative among the ones suggested:

  1. My sister is younger/more young than me
  2. The film we saw yesterday was boringer/more boring than all other films we’ve ever seen
  3. She’s nicer/more nice than I thought
  4. Your English is badder/worse/more bad than Mary’s
  5. The situation is catastrophicer/more catastrophic than we thought
  6. You’re older/more old than me, but you look younger/more young
  7. We want to move into a smaller/more small house
  8. Mount Everest is higher/more high than Mont Blanc
  9. I don’t want to spend too much money, so I take this one, that is cheaper/more cheaper
  10. Today it is warmer/more warm than yesterday, isn’t it?

The solution is here.

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