If clauses

Exercise 1


Complete the following sentences with the verb in brackets; choose the correct mood and tense:

  1. If  it doesn’t rain, we (to go) out tonight
  2. Be careful, you (to fail) if you aren’t concentrated
  3. If our passports (to be) ready, we will leave next week
  4. Can you give my regards to Mr Smith if you (to see) him tomorrow?
  5. It’s not my fault, if I (can) I’d tell you
  6. My idea is clear and I (to tell) it if someone asked me to
  7. If you (to be) me, what would you do?
  8. She wouldn’t tell you if she (not, to trust) you
  9. If he had told us before, we (to tell) him not to go in that restaurant
  10. We wouldn’t have been so lucky, if you (not, to help) us
  11. If we (to pay) more attention, that disaster wouldn’t have happened
  12. She (to meet) her husband if she hadn’t gone to Australia that year

The solution is here.

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